Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding


We work in the wedding industry for over 5 years and it has taught us a few things. Each wedding is unique and each deserves the best video. Therefore, we want to interfere only minimally, and certainly we don’t want to conform the wedding. However, we know few organizational details that will make your wedding and thus the resulting video much better. Here are a few to consider from our subjective experience:




If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, especially during the summer months, try to avoid lunch time. In the time between 12:00-15:00 the sun makes the sharpest and strongest shadows. These conditions are challenging, not only for our cameras, but also for your guests.

The ideal starting point for an outdoor ceremony in a summer is after 15:00.




Absolutely best time in which the best shots may arise are around sunset. It is better to schedule 15 minutes with us in the golden hour, than an hour before the harsh midday light. Also, we greatly appreciate if you can find a few shared minutes during a portrait photo shoot to spend just on a video. It almost never worked out well to do a portrait photo shoot before the ceremony because It is a time that will not allow you to relax properly.



When considering the places for wedding preparations and ceremony with reception will be different, distant from each other, then careful! Longer transports by car are exhausting and difficult to coordinate. Also, the time you spend in your car means fewer photos, fewer shots and less time with guests.



It is quite clear that you will not be able to sleep in the morning of the wedding day. Please rather consider good time to start the preparation. There is a big difference to wake up at six or eight in the morning. Give yourself plenty of comfort and possibilities and gather strength for all-day wedding celebration. We will of course adapt, but we can not influence weather your guests at the ceremony will yawn.



It's great when we can record the final phase of your preparation and morning dressing. It will help us a lot, and also you will be more satisfied if you prepare a nice and clean environment with plenty of natural light. For example, cellar of guest house is not a great place. Try also not to have colored bags, boxes and so on in your environment.




We can not wait to see the bride's wedding dress. We know it will be beautiful and once a groom will see a bride in the wedding dress it will make his jaw-drop. Just please make sure that the clothes are comfortable and that you feel in them well. You would be against yourself, if your dress will be limiting you. Our experience is that simpler clothes from a local designer are not much more expensive than flashy rental dress. If you are planning a photo shoot in demanding terrain and you dress covers legs than put comfortable shoes on without a fear. Clothes that will not allow free movement and you'll be all day afraid of dirt are certainly bad as a wedding dress. You want to enjoy your day after all, aren’t you?!



We love guests with cameras and phones and consider them as part of the modern age. We use shots from phones or cameras quite often in our videos. The problem arises when the phone of your guest appears in our viewfinder in unrepeatable moments during the wedding ceremony. It is best to ask the guests to enjoy the ceremony together with you and postpone the modern toys to later part of the wedding.



Sometimes the perfect mutual cooperation is rewarding for both sides, sometimes it is a struggle of two different perspectives and different approaches. Some photographers have the same style as we do, and not interfere too much of what’s going on. Others control every moment, stylize and use the flash to work. Mutual cooperation is then complicated, which also affects the resulting video. Please give your photographers an impulse that you consider video just as important as photography.



We work only with natural light, so if there is a dark on dance floor, expect a dark and grainy video. When planning a dance party with DJ, please discuss options of sufficient lighting.


Finally, we would like to remind you once again that - it's YOUR wedding and you can plan it exactly how you want it. Even if you would have preparations in a dark basement, ceremony at noon in direct sunlight and guests with cameras everywhere, it still will be a unique and exciting day that we will absolutely love to shoot. Because we do not intervene the course of the wedding, in the video we can catch dark interiors, bright mid-day light in faces and when you exchange engage rings, you will be shot with your uncle with camera in the frame. Our experience is that if we will like the video, then it will be appealing also to you. We want you to be delighted from the outcome of our work and want you to give you a video, which will make you endless joy. If we look at things the same, then we know that the result will be worth it!

Martin, Eliška, Kryštof a Marek